Why do I need to read books?

Many people say that the best gift for any holiday is a book. But reading is useful for people of all ages. Why do I need to read as often as possible?

This activity is well-developed memory. Also, the author sometimes keeps the understatement, so the reader himself thinks out how this or that work could end. This plays an important role in mental abilities. The reader has a rich imagination, creative thinking, and knows interesting catchphrases.

A person who reads a lot becomes very literate, he has no problems with oral and written speech. Such an interlocutor is always a pleasure to listen to. Of course, book lovers express their thoughts better, because they know more words.

Reading helps fight depression and anxiety. It is enough to pick up your favorite book, read a few pages, and no negative thoughts will remain in your head.

Finally, reading increases life expectancy. This is the conclusion made by scientists. If you read a book for at least half an hour a day, your life expectancy increases by as much as three years.

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