We develop a child’s love of reading

I don’t want it, I don’t want it, why do I need it? More than one pair of parents have faced these questions and abandoned books.

How to fix the situation?

There are several rules. They can not be called an axiom, but they can help the child make friends with the book.

Patience and patience again.

Remember that no amount of shouting and punishing will help the child to love the book.

While the child is still small, it is very easy to interest him in the book. Any of the toddlers like books with fun and bright drawings. The texts should be interesting and correspond to the age of the reader.

If the child has already learned to read, it is important to make sure that the books are freely available.

Read with the whole family.

Start reading with your child. This will allow the baby to hear and feel individual words, phrases, and sentences better. The black letters will take on an emotional tone for him.

You can create contests based on the books you read. For example, read a fairy tale about “Cinderella”, come up with interesting questions about the content. This is a great help, especially if there are several children in the family.

For each contest, come up with small prizes for both the winner and the loser. The competitive spirit is activated.

There is another technique – read to the most interesting place and leave the child alone with the book, referring to an urgent matter. Children are inquisitive creatures and will not be able to wait long and will most likely continue to read on their own.

A clear example.

If the time is lost, and the child has already become a teenager, then it is difficult to instill a love for the book.

But you can. Study the range of interests of the teenager and offer books of appropriate content. Teenagers are very fond of fairy tales for adults-science fiction and fantasy. And don’t forget to read it yourself. If the child has the example of his parents before his eyes, then he will take up the books himself.

Do not give up.

No matter how old the child would be, patience and work will bear fruit.

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