Type of reader

We know them. We cherish them. We are them: Bibliophiles. Much the same as an order, there are huge amounts of various types of readers out there that approach the specialty of expending writing in novel manners.

Here’s testing that we’ll ALL identify with here and there:

  • The “Weekend Warrior” Reader
The "Weekend Warrior" Reade
The “Weekend Warrior” Reade

We should begin simply. The “Weekend Warrior” Reader methodologies perusing in a cool manner, as this sort of peruser doesn’t perspire over a consistently mounting “to-peruse” list. They read for joy on the ends of the week or at whatever point the open door presents itself. Let’s face it, this is an extraordinary method to approach perusing!


Alright, this peruser is the absolute opposite of the end of the week warrior peruser. This peruser can’t get their hands on ENOUGH composition and writing, and that covers each type. Nothing hinders their perusing challenge objectives, various book clubs, and overwhelming inclusion in the #bookstagram networks. The sort to peruse a book (or increasingly!) a day. We recognize your drive, peruser!

  • The Obsessive Author-Specific Bibliophile

I’ll let it be known: I’m an immense Baldwin fangirl. I will understand everything without exception in his assemblage of work since he composed it. Same with Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, Jodi Picoult, Joyce Carol Oates…. Etc. This avid reader HYPES their preferred writers and fabricates their libraries around their work. So be it to that!

  • The Tentative Reader
 Type of reader
Type of reader

The Tentative Reader is the peruser that is constantly uncertain of the book they’re perusing. Do they like it? Do they really like perusing? No one truly knows. Be that as it may, something holds taking them back to perusing!

  • The Intellect

The Intellect essentially adores learning and retaining all the data of the world. Their favored technique to do so is through perusing. Justifiable, correct? Books do hold the way into our past, present, and future. This peruser will in general float towards genuine and recorded fiction. We can regard that.

  • The Snobby Reader

The Snobby Reader is the unpalatable adaptation of the Intellect. They need you to comprehend what they’re perusing consistently and think their titles some way or another hoist who they are as an individual. Think “Harvard Ponytail Douche” from Good Will Hunting. Ugh. We’re almost certain they’re not in any event, perusing what they state they are. The WORST. Stay away from these readers at all expense.

  • The “Goes to Book Club for Wine and Conversation” Reader

The title says everything. These are the rulers and sovereigns of “So uh… didn’t really peruse the book yet… Who might play someone or other in a film?” That can get baffling, however truly, we can’t yuck on this present individual’s yum. Mingling is great, wine is great, and hello, if books are included, we’re here for it! Simply don’t upset the progression of the discussion, avoid the extraordinary book clubs, and we’re great.

  • The Shy Reader

This is the peruser that wants to peruse, yet doesn’t generally discuss it. Doesn’t join book clubs, web-based life stages, or anything like that. It’s a naturally singular action, in any case.

  • The Lifelong Book Lover
The Lifelong Book Lover
The Lifelong Book Lover

Last, however absolutely not least, we have the long-lasting book darling. The peruser that grew up with their nose in a book. The “peruses eight books every week over the mid-year after sixth grade that their mother tosses an unrehearsed intercession” type peruser…. Alright, no close to home encounters? Got it. The Matildas. Hermione’s. Lisa Simpsons. You.

Tell us in the remarks which one you are!

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